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Jun 2, 2021

Today you get to meet someone who I look up to as an example of how to make hard decisions and stick to your values. Christy has built not just an amazing company, but also a powerful community called Ops Boss Coaching.

Christy has dedicated her life to helping people on the operational and administrative side of business become the true leaders of those organizations. In short: Christy creates empire builders.

If you run a company and have employees, this is a must-hear interview.

If you intend to build a company with employees, this is a must-hear interview!

A bit more about Christy: Christy Belt Grossman is the Owner of Ops Boss® Coaching – the country’s premier resource for coaching & education for those on the administrative side of real estate. She keeps an elite roster of personal coaching clients and has a team of coaches who are all active COOs & CEOs. She’s known as the Billion Dollar Ops Boss® because of 23 years as former COO of one of the nation’s first real estate teams with over $1 Billion in sales. A self-proclaimed geek at heart, Christy is currently serving on the Board of NARESP (National Association of Real Estate Support Professionals), is the creator of the “BE A BOSS” class series which over 4,000 have attended, has been interviewed on stage by Gary Keller at Mega Camp & Mega Live, has written for Inman News and been a featured panelist at Inman Connect. When she's not busy getting bossy, you'll find her in Paris.

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