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Apr 1, 2021

Many entrepreneurs have a large vision and start executing at a small level.

James Giglio, CEO of MVP Interactive proves that you can have a vision of serving the largest and most powerful companies/brands in the world and you can execute by simply targeting them from day one.

In this episode we cover how simple cold calls can land you in meetings that can change the trajectory of your company instantly. We also discuss how transparency is essential in creating trust and loyalty with your team.

Prior to founding MVP Interactive, James held successful management positions for small and mid-sized financial firms, leading teams to launch new products and deploy market strategies that helped grow the companies beyond expectations. Striving for a more creative outlet, James left the finance world for Advertising where his zeal for imagination and passion for sports and technology led to the formation of MVP Interactive. James’ vision in linking technology to consumer engagement has been paramount to the growth of MVP Interactive and along with his team, James’ passion to innovate, buck trends and embrace technology worldwide, has led MVP to develop prototype-level inventions into useful marketing products.

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