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Aug 25, 2021

When is the last time your soul felt inspired? I'm talking about running through a brick wall to get what you desire inspired!

Well, today is all about being more kind to ourselves (and our souls) so we can truly unlock our potential AND experience more joy in our professional endeavors.

Meet Kara Chaffin Donofrio! As an entrepreneur she runs many businesses that solely run upon the referrals from past clients and her massively loyal sphere of influence. She studies the law of attraction and believes in building a business with ease and elegance. 

In the episode we discuss what we can do to be more kind to ourselves so that we can have the energy and inspiration to serve others. Be sure to have your notebook ready as she drops a ton of nuggets in this episode!

Be sure to tune into her podcast called: Soul Inspiring Business

Here is a link to the free journal she references in the episode:


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