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Apr 21, 2021

Today we get a chance to a person who brings iconic brands to life! Lauren Collier is the SVP of Brand and Marketing Strategy at Finch Brands

A brand developer with particular experience leading entrepreneurial projects within larger companies, Lauren goes all the way from idea to shelf and back again. After earning her MBA from Drexel University, Lauren spent 10 years at Kimberly-Clark working on innovation for iconic brands like KLEENEX® and SCOTT®. Notably, she leveraged customer and consumer insights to develop a robust global innovation pipeline for KLEENEX. Most recently, Lauren led North American marketing for the drinks division of MARS Inc. where she worked to make brands matter in the B2B space. Lauren’s CPG experience, passion for brand innovation, and ability to connect dots in how consumers shop across categories provides a unique perspective to help our clients activate their full potential.

In this episode we discuss how kind brands must be authentic, how strategy in branding is only as good as execution and the importance of talking to your customers at every step of your planning and execution. 

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