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May 5, 2021

Ryan Butler, Managing Partner at Coalition Properties Group is the guest on our pod today! We invited Ryan on the show because his business plan provides very specific evidence of the impact his business is making in his local community of DC, MD & VA.

On the episode we discuss the rapid growth of his business, the impact of a childhood spent living in various locations, the importance of a simple mission in your business and how his company was able to donate over $100,000 last year.

A little more about Ryan:  It was in 2011, when he bought his first home, that Ryan first fell in love with real estate. Little did he know this purchase would not only be an investment in the traditional sense of home buying; it would also be a path to a new career. This single purchase led to almost a dozen personal transactions. Ryan gained experience renovating and flipping houses, and it wasn’t long before he decided to do even more in real estate. Many of his friends were interested in buying properties and reaching out to him for advice. That’s when it finally hit home (pun intended): he would become a licensed real estate agent, leveraging his experience to help others on their journey to homeownership.

Originally from the Mississippi Delta, Ryan followed his military family through Germany and around the world before earning a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at Georgetown University, where he also played football. Eventually, Ryan would go on to found his own IT consulting company, and use his entrepreneurial knowledge to further his Real Estate ventures. It was clear at this point that this military brat was putting his roots down in DC, and he eventually found a wife. The two currently live in northeast DC. When not working, Ryan enjoys a variety of sports and hobbies, including, yoga, latin dance, and martial arts (wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu). He has also coached wrestling for various high schools in the area.

Ryan believes that home ownership is a path to wealth and security. He takes extreme joy in being a real estate professional because he gets the best of both worlds: he helps clients invest in a home and a future they love, all while providing the same love and security to his new family. MANAGING PARTNER RYAN BUTLER

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