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Jun 16, 2021

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to one of the most energetic and real people I know, Ryan O'Neill

Ryan is a coach, voice actor and podcaster. His story is one of following his heart and using his superpowers of transparency and vulnerability to build a community in an otherwise transient business. He helps inspired individuals elevate their lives through online fitness and proactive positivity coaching

Our paths originally crossed at a gym that offered private fitness classes. Ryan was, by far, the most energetic and intense fitness coach that I have ever had. Every week he would challenge us to set an intention for our week and that one small request changed our class into a community that shared all of life's happy and challenging moments.

Ryan's fun fact? After graduating from Clemson University, he was a Safari Driver in Disney's Animal Kingdom! Fast forward nearly 10 years, a few job changes, and a few states later, now Ryan is one of the top rated online and in person fitness instructors in the Greater Philadelphia region. In every workout, he blends his enthusiasm for life with his knowledge in health and wellness to deliver an authentically amazing experience for everyone in his community. You'll often hear Ryan talk about a term he calls "proactive positivity." While the world may not be perfect and everyone can go through really challenging periods, he focuses on encouraging and inspiring individuals to shift their perspectives and find ways to consistently take small action steps to improve their life or the life of someone else. When he's not delivering a killer workout, you can probably find Ryan recording a new voice over project, or the latest installment of his Podcast: This Amazing Life, globally ranked a Top 5% Podcast by

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