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Jul 28, 2021

Today you get a chance to meet Jeff Sirkin, CEO and Sophia Gordon, Content Manager at Sirkin Research. Together with their team they power demand for B2B marketers through custom research to understand what matters most to target buyers.

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the science of understanding and connecting with their core, ideal customers. Jeff and his team not only make it a straight forward process, but also they make it fun! 

On this episode we discuss how you can figure out what your target audience wants, where to find them and how to connect with them on a deep level. 

Sirkin Research creates raving fans because they take a kind and educational approach to client acquisition and retention. To learn more about their business and to read some white papers check out their site:

More about Jeff: he is the Founder and CEO of Sirkin Research and co-host of the Long Story Short podcast, where they believe that combining the power of data and storytelling has the power to change the world. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Arras, an analytics consulting company where they turn data into intelligence. Jeff is also an Advisor for Change the Stage, where they work to find solutions for inclusivity in the event industry.

More about Sophia: As a writer, researcher, and exceptionally inquisitive thinker Sophia clarifies complex messaging to support strategic initiatives across organizations. She firmly believes in the remarkable power of stories backed by data, and more importantly, that we must always consider the impactful way we use words to tell those stories. From hosting the Long Story Short podcast to delving deep into DEI research for both Sirkin Research and our partners, to managing content strategy for Sirkin Research, she put these passions into practice everyday.


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